Online Fundraising

You can make a difference

Anti-Slavery Australia is the only specialist legal service for victims of modern slavery in Australia. We have over 17 years of hands on experience with survivors of modern slavery. 

Anti-Slavery Australia helps survivors of trafficking, modern slavery and forced marriage in Australia. There are an estimated 40 million people enslaved around the work and modern slavery also happens here in Australia.

Some of our clients have been forced to marry, most have been forced to work. They are often subject to physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as the already terrible work conditions.

We provide our clients access to justice through much needed free legal services including migration advice, and legal advice on other issues related to their experience of trafficking, exploitation and slavery. We help  help our clients get access to counselling, housing, health care and other vital services.

Your fundraising helps us:

  • Provide free, specialised legal support to survivors including exploring their migration options and pursuing compensation
  • Connect survivors with other relevant support services
  • Raise awareness and empower communities to take a stand against slavery
  • Engage communities to learn what trafficking and slavery is and how to respond appropriately
  • Empower people or groups of people who are vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation
  • Research emerging issues in forced labour, human trafficking and forced marriage

Where does the money go?

Donations go directly to support Anti-Slavery Australia’s work with victims of trafficking and slavery.

All money goes directly to fund projects where it is most needed.

We are registered as a gift receiving charity which means that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.